Special Effects

Visual effects have been widely used in late film industry. Cinemizer studios provides the ultimate solution for any kind of high-end VFX for films, advertisements, and educational programs.

Ensuring highest quality using up to date technology, and implementing visual element flawlessly with any data to ensure perfect blending with advanced outstanding skills and motion tracking.

Our services also include vido editing, color correction, and post production.

  • Furniture Design

    detailed custom made furniture designs
  • Interior Design

    interior Decoration Designs for various settings
  • Architectural Presentation

    Animated walkthrough of interior and exterior
  • Architectural Rendering

    High resolution Still picutres of Architectures
  • Interior Decoration

    Interior Decoration Consultancy and Solutions
  • Product demonstration

    smart solutions for explaining products in creative ways
  • Special Effects

    for films, advertisements and television
  • Commercials

    Creative 3D Advertising Solutions
  • Logo Animation

    Effective instant way to present your Valuable logo
  • Featured films

    Check our sample:
    The Melting Pot
  • Motion Graphics

    Also providing film editing and post production
  • Technical Design

    Accurate technical 3D simulations and interactions
  • Virtual Animation

    Realtime Virtual world with advanced hardware rendering
  • 3D Virtual Worlds

    Viewers have full navigation and interaction controls
  • Web Design

    light and user friendly sites, HTML or Flash